The Church is the body of Jesus Christ. The Church should grow and it will grow when it attracts people. A Church full of people is a sign of good spiritual health. A cheerful and a loving atmosphere in the Church creates good fellowship among the members of the Church.

There are many Churches in this world which is going through bad times. The attendance in the Churches are going down. The members of the Church seems no longer interested in the activities of the Church.

For proper growth of a Church, the following three aims are required. They are-

1. Mission 2. Vision & 3. Action

1. Mission:

Mission of a Church is basically to bring people closer to God. After all, our existence in this world will be meaningless if as a Church, we could not bring people in fellowship with the Almighty God. Our mission does not end here but our mission includes helping the down-trodden, financial and medical aid to the poor and the needy.

2. Vision:

Once our mission is clear, then comes the Vision. Here we ask the questions like How are we going to accomplish our mission?  From where will the finances come? From where are we going to get the manpower for the work? Who will help us? Whether our resources are enough or should we ask others for help?

3. Action:

Action is the culmination or the final result of our Mission and our Vision. When our Vision is clear, we can move forward to achieve our goals. Slowly and gradually everything combines in a unique way so that our aims are accomplished. When these three combine together, the Church becomes a dynamic entity and it grows.

Our Church is a modest Church with an aim and goal in its mind. It has a mission, a vision and an action. You also can be the part of the action. Yes, if you can contribute either physically or mentally or financially, you are welcome!! Let us be the light for this dark world!!! All the abovementioned aims of any Church are initiated and controlled by the Almighty God. 

Philippians 2: 12-18